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Antonio Midiri & Bärbel Rücker

In the beginning of 2011 Antonio Midiri and I met on the dance floor for the first time. Since that time, we’ve enjoyed sharing our views and love for Tango in our discussions and dances together. As a result, we finally decided to teach a workshop together. Our first workshop took place in June at the RAMBLAS Milonga in Sicily. A new collaboration started and I am looking forward to continue working with him.

Bärbel Rücker & Antonio Midiri @ by Valeria NorciaActive Dialogue - You, Me & the Music | Workshop @ RAMBLAS

Antoni(n)o Midiri comes from an ancient Sicilian family, and like a true “Gattopardo,” cares deeply for his island and friends.

In 1996 he took his first tango steps and fell immediately in love with the dance. “Joy” is the only word one can use to describe what Antonio experiences every time he steps onto the dance floor. His favourite quote is, “One tango a day is enough to go to sleep happy as a child.”

In 2009 he was made a member of Barcelona’s international Tango company, “PasionalTango,” where he completed his preparation under the strict guidance of Osvaldo and Graziela Perez. During that period, he also performed in a host of Tango shows.

Antonio is currently teaching in Messina and Catania. He is also cooperating with Grazia Fontanarosa, in Turin. And as mentioned above, since June, 2011, he has been teaching together with Tango instructor and DJ, Bärbel Rücker. Their classes focus on the musicality of the Tango dancer.

AGENDA Antonio Midiri & Bärbel Rücker

22.11.11 – Catania, I – [WS] Musicalità
14.11.11 – Messina, I – [WS] Musicalita

29.-31.10.11 – Messina, I – Vibrazioni Mad Festival [Workshops]

28.08.11 – Copenhagen, DK – [WS] Milonga
27.08.11 – Copenhagen, DK – [WS] Musicality – Enjoy the Rhythm
26.08.11 - Copenhagen, DK – Queer Tango PracticaVIDEO

07.06.11 – Catania, I – [WS] Active Dialogue – You, Me & the Music

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