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Argentine Tango Music – part 2

Sep 5th, 2016 by Bärbel | 0

How to grow your tango music collection

How to grow your Argentine tango music collection.

In case you are looking for some Argentine tango music, here are the names of the most popular tango orchestras and some tango CDs to look out for.

In the first part of this blog post series about Argentine tango music we have started with the big five tango orchestras: Francisco Canaro, Juan D’Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Osvaldo Pugliese & Anibal Troilo.

Other important Argentine tango orchestras, which you will dance to at a regular milonga

Other important Argentine tango orchestras, which you will dance to at a regular milonga are: Rodolfo Biagi, Miguel Calo, Angel D’Agostino, Alfredo De Angelis, Edgardo Donato, Roberto Firpo, Osvaldo Fresedo, Pedro Laurenz, Francisco Lomuto, Enrique Rodriguez, Ricardo Tanturi & Orquesta Tipica Victor. The following list will provide you with some tango CD’s you might wanna add to your music library. It’s not a complete list of all available CDs of those tango orchestras, but a starting point.

Once again I have mainly listed tango CDs I personally like and I own myself. The links 1) will bring you to the CDs on amazon.co.uk.

Even this list is not complete as you will come across many more Argentine tango orchestras at milongas, practicas and in tango classes. Check out the following blog post Argentine Tango Music – part 3 (coming up soon), which will point out other traditional tango orchestras.

1) These are Amazon Affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase through the link, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps keeping the website running. I appreciate your support!

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