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Private classes

Private classes are available at all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. In addition, private classes also offer the possibility for dancers to work on their own personal Tango style.
 This is an effective approach for learning, and is also useful when combining with other kinds of classes.
 The individual will benefit greatly from the private classes, either as leader or follower. Lessons can also be offered to couples.
 The starting point for the class will be the individual’s needs, according to either the individual’s expressed preferences or the instructor’s evaluation.

Call +45 – 4143 9113 or email info@tanzbar.dk to arrange your private class(es).

Classes take place in Copenhagen
 – in close proximity to Valby Station.
Private Classes are also available at your home for an extra fee of +50 DKK for transportation and travel.

Bärbel Rücker teaches in Danish, English, and German.

500 DKK/55 min (one or two participants).
5 private classes = 2,375 DKK (5% discount) (8 month validity from purchase).
10 private classes = 4,500 DKK (10% discount) (12 month validity from purchase).

Prices are valid from 01.01.2010.

Prices for private classes may be different in other cities.
In this case please contact Tanzbar | Bärbel Rücker.

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