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In workshops, participants work with a special theme. For example:

  • TANGO CRASH | weekend workshops | beginners
    For dancers proficient in dances other than Tango.Take a chance! Dance tango. We will work on the fundamentals of leading and following, how to use the music, how to improvise, and more. You will then be able to join the social dance floor, i.e., the Milonga.
    2 sessions x 2 hours
  • Leading & following – the principles | intermediate
    What is important for the communication between the dancers? How do we create clear leading? What is the active part of following?
    2 sessions x 2 hours
  • The two systems in tango – the parallel and the cross system | intermediate
    What is the parallel system? What is the cross system? How can we change between these systems? What possibilities does one have in the different systems?
    2 sessions x 2 hours
  • SOLO TRAINING | Tango solo training all levels | without a partner | drop in
    Focus is on technique and basic work. Balance, turns, ochos, musicality and more. The perfect workout for improving your tango.
  • Musicality | all levels | without a partner | drop in
    How can the music influence my dance? The different orchestras’ sounds makes me move differently. What is the music telling me?
  • Leading for followers | all levels | for followers
    We will change our role from the following to leading. What do we know already? What is different? What can we learn from the other role?
  • Following for leaders | all levels | for leaders
    We will change our role from the leading to following. What do we know already? What is different? What can we learn from the other role?
  • Vals | all levels
    How to dance a Tango vals? How to adapt our repertoire to the music? Easy turns for getting the vals flow on the dance floor.
  • Milonga | all levels
    How do I get the Milonga feeling? How can I dance fast with good grounding? Easy structures for playful Milongas.
  • Breaking habits – improvisation | all levels
    I always dance the same. How can I find different ways moving around the dance floor? How can I increase my repertoire? Techniques for improvisation will be taught.
  • Ochos & Turns | all levels
    How do I lead ochos? How do I follow ochos? How do I play with it? What kind of technique do I use for turning.

A workshop can be arranged and designed for a group’s special needs. For example:

  • Group workshops only for either Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced participants
  • Tango Intensives where participants can also choose to work on special themes
  • Group workshops for advanced participants who wish to enhance their technique
  • Group workshops for experienced dancers seeking new ideas and inspiration

Tango workshops are also great as social activities. For example:

  • Company parties and celebrations
  • Special arrangements for employees
  • Family get-togethers

For more information, please contact Tanzbar | Bärbel Rücker.

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