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El Tangauta TV

Oct 19th, 2010 by admin | 1

Tango Argentino | Argentinsk Tango

El Tangauta TV | Argentinsk Tango | Tango Argentino

El Tangauta is proud to launch its TV with the transmission of this unique show


El Tangauta TV

Tango en el Tasso
Leopoldo Federico & Horacio Salgan
Quinteto Real / 50 años
Dir. Musical: César Salgán

Tango legends

Since Quinteto Real launches its first record half a century has passed. Time enough for the Quinteto to traverse different periods. They were an extraordinarily successful group during the 60s, sidestepping the difficult times tango had to face; they created a following in Japan, and in the 90s they celebrated their return at Club del Vino.

In 2003 the piano player and founder of the Quinteto, Horacio Salgán, decided to withdraw from performing live and designated his son César as his successor, a role that César has fulfilled ever since. “I retired from the stage, but not from music”, Horacio clarifies. But this comment should not be taken literally either. Not very long ago he played as special guests during a Bicentenary celebration on 9 de Julio Avenue.

On October the ceremony will be repeated: the Quinteto Real, which consists of César Salgán (piano & direction), Hugo Rivas (guitar), Julio Peressini (violin), Carlos Corrales (bandoneón) and Juan Pablo Navarro (double bass), will perform along with three VIP guests: Horacio Salgán, Leopoldo Federico and Ubaldo De Lío.

Quinteto Real (50 years old) +
Horacio Salgán (94) +
Leopoldo Federico (83) +
Ubaldo De Lío (81)


15, 16, 22, 23, 29 & 30 OCT 2010
Torquato Tasso: Defensa 1575, Buenos Aires. Reservas: 4307-6506



  • Saturday OCTOBER 30th, 2010, 10 pm (Argentina)
  • Repeats Sunday October 31th, 2010, 10 am and 5 pm (Argentina)

How to watch EL TANGAUTA TV?

  1. Send an e-mail to suscripciones@eltangauta.com
  2. Register for free at ElTangauta.com
  3. On October 28th we’ll inform via mail (El Tangauta News) the access code to watch the transmission (user and password required, see step 2)
  4. Enjoy the transmission as scheduled above!

Tango Argentino | Argentinsk Tango

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