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FELDENKRAIS – Where to find interesting Blogs about Feldenkrais?

May 14th, 2017 by Bärbel | 0

Blogs about the Feldenkrais Method

In my blog post ‘FELDENKRAIS – Where to find ATMs & podcasts for free?’ I have created a list of links to blog posts & podcasts where you can find audio material (ATMs & interviews) for free. This list is growing.

You can find all my Feldenkrais related blog posts via this link: Feldenkrais.

Of course a lot of people write about The Feldenkrais Method and share there insights with the world.

Here comes my list of links to blogs where you can find information about the Feldenkrais method and related information (e.g. neuro placticity). This list will grow and is far from complete!

English – Englisch

Body Wisdom Boulder – restore healthy movement by Erin Ferguson

Conscious movement – Buffy Owens

Move Well: The Feldenkrais Method for easy, pain-free movement

Rachel Hamstra, GCFP

The Feldenkrais Guild UK

    German – Deutsch

    Feldenkrais Notizen by David Jeker (Leipzig)

    • Blog - Feldenkrais Notizen
      Informationen, Kommentare und Reflexionen zur Feldenkrais-Methode und zu angrenzenden Themen

    Feldenkrais Werkstatt by Alfons Grabher

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