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In 2013 I started my Feldenkrais Practitioner education in Bern.

This training began in Bern in August of 2013, led by Angelica Feldmann and organised by Verena Scheidegger. This training is mainly in German and so are the information on their website. I have graduated on 27th July 2017.

Feldenkrais Ausbildung Bern II - www.feldenkraisausbildungbern.com

Angelica Feldmann is starting a new Feldenkrais -Training in Zürich in October 2017. You’ll find information on their new website.

Feldenkrais Ausbildung Zürich City – feldenkraisausbildung-zuerichcity.com

You can find all my Feldenkrais related blogposts via this link: Feldenkrais.

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Feldenkrais Ausbildung Bern II - 2014