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Orquesta Tipica Tangarte | Copenhagen

Aug 18th, 2010 by admin | 0

Tango Argentino | Argentinsk Tango

August 30th, 2010 Orquesta Tipica Tangarte in Copenhagen

Arr.: Tangopavillonen & Karens Minde Kulturhus

from 19:00 until 22:00
100 DKK


Tangopavillonen ved Karens Minde Kulturhus
Wagnersvej 19
2400 København SV

find your way to Tangopavillonen

Orquesta Tipica Tangarte


Juanjo Passo – bandoneon & guitar, musical director |
Juan José Passo / Sofia Alvarez – vocals |
Tord Sölvesson / Lars Hansen – accordeon / bandoneon |
Garik Binder – piano |
Jacob Bartilson – double bass |
Irina Binder – violin |

Hedda Heiskanen – violin |
Sarah Nordholm – violin |
Per Tidstrand – cello

About Orquesta Tipica Tangarte

Tango Argentino | Argentinsk Tango

Tangarte is an Argentinean-Swedish tango orchestra with the intention of spreading the tango from Rio de la Plata. Their music is primarily played for dancing; for people to meet in the embrace of the tango and to be carried away by the music.

Tangarte plays a wide repertoire ranging from the old-guard tango to the modern style tango from 1940 and onwards. Well-known composers like Villoldo, Canaro, Fresedo, Di Sarli, Troilo and Piazzolla, just to mention a few, are part of this repertoire. The orchestra play tango music of Argentinean tradition along with milongas and waltzes. With this wide range of music, the program is also suitable for concert performances.

Tangarte is under musical and artistic direction of Juanjo Passo, guitar player, who founded the group in June 1999. The orchestra has been guest by great musicians, singers and dancers. They are: Luis Stazo, Carlos Buono and Marcelo Mercadante at bandoneon, the singer Elizabeth Figueroa and the dancer Marcela Troncoso.

Tipica Tangarte is based in the city of Malmö, Sweden to spread their tango music to the world. The orchestra has performed in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, Spain and France.

The latest record is ”Lo que vendrá” (2007). Tangarte has previously recorded two CDs – ”Danzarin” (Skåneton/Hi-hat records) and ”Ecos de Tango” (EDT) from the tango show with the same name. The music is available on iTunes and other download services.

Source: Orchesta Tipica Tangarte @ mySpace

Get a song of Orquesta Tipica Tangarte for FREE | Retrato de Nana

Argentinsk Tango | Tango Argentino

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