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PHOTOs Milonguita, København | 14th April 2010

Apr 15th, 2010 by Bärbel | 1

Thank you for a nice tango night @ Milonguita feat. dj Bärbel Rücker.

While I was dj’ing I was able to take some pictures to document this nice atmosphere at Cafe Kellerdirk.

I just uploaded the pictures. Have a look and feel free to comment.

hos Bärbel Rücker  | Tanzbar i København

OBS! Være opmærksom på at du hos Tanzbar | Bärbel Rücker kommer til at arbejde med musikalitet, kontakt og grundlæggende teknik i argentinsk tango for at være parat til at danse på et socialt dansegulv. ;-)

Flere informationer omkring det aktuelle undervisningsprogram findes her på hjemmesiden.

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One Comment on “PHOTOs Milonguita, København | 14th April 2010”

  1. Ted Pappas said:

    Hi Bärbel. Very taken by your photos of your tango event. Not merely a dancing event. The array of emotions in your pix tell interesting stories. Expressions of emotions from private environments. In other words, the private worlds of your subjects transcend the dancing environment. Like a tableaux vivant in a play, the characters are captured in subtle interaction with their outer world and their inner turmoil. Nice work! All the best. T.