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Tango Music | CD El Tango – pasión y emoción

Mar 1st, 2015 by Bärbel | 4

CD El Tango - pasión y emoción

If you are searching for tango music, here is the solution: 10 CD’s á 21 tracks!

Audio CD (1. Oktober 2007)
Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 10
Format: Box-Set
Label: Membran International Gmbh (New Music Distribution)

Order from AMAZON

The official tracking has many faults. Specially the CD 5. Áron Ecsedy send 12th August 2009 his tracking list to the tangoDJ-list with following comments:


Yes I did [... Anybody ID'ed the tracks on the 10CD Set "El Tango - Pasión y emoción" by Membran Music? ...]. Only Disc 5 is really bad, the others are more or less OK. (I tried to attach it here in Mp3tag_html, unfortunately it doesn’t keep the sorting selection, so you need to do it in a different way to see it by each album)

(the problem stems from the fact that those tracks are misrepresented on the original CD covers as well)

Cheers, Aron

Here you can find Áron’s new list: 10 discs with 21 tracks

Other corrected lists are:

  • tango-dj.at
    El tango – pasión y emoción [Membran LX 12291]

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4 Comments on “Tango Music | CD El Tango – pasión y emoción”

  1. Harry Wohlfart said:

    Hi Bärbel and others,
    the CD series is really great value for money – BUT:
    The list of titles is wrong for the most part.
    In the tango DJ maillist there should be a corrected list (I don’t have the time to check now).
    I also made a list of my own, but I can’t remember if mine is completely correct. I just think there are differences in comparision to the list of the DJ mail list, too.
    In case, you might want to contact me about this topic: harry.wohlfart@gmx.de – the answer will take some time, I’m quite busy at the moment.
    Nice dances to all,

  2. admin said:

    Hej Harry,

    thank you for your comment. I searched and found a corrected list on the DJ mail list. You can now find it above too.

    Best regards and see you soon!

  3. Bernhard said:


    yes, these CDs are great value for money, but as pointed out there are plenty of mistakes in the given information on the covers.

    You may find a completed (including singers) and corrected tracklisting on my website here: (sorted by CD – the above list is a bit unclear/sorted unpractically)


    Biggest mistake are the tracks 9-21 on CD 05 which are the same of CD 03.


  4. admin said:

    Thank you Bernhard for your comment and the sorted list.

    Best regards, Bärbel