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Alanis | BsAs

Nov 12th, 2010 by Bärbel | 7

Alanis | Tango Shoes from Buenos Aires

Alanis | Tango Shoes | BsAs


~ mostly women’s tango shoes ~ unusual designs, very flexible sole, very comfortable

LIBERTAD 1172, local 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mon-Fri 11-19:30
Sat 12-15

Facebook Silvia Alanis


Alanis | Tango Shoes from Buenos Aires

Alanis | Tango Shoes from Buenos Aires

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7 Comments on “Alanis | BsAs”

  1. elisabeth forss said:

    Hello Bärbel, I really need new tangoshoes and I’ve heard about Alanis from Katalin Czidor but I can not find their homepage= no shoes to see? Can you help me please? Abrazos / Elisabeth in Stockholm-Sweden

  2. admin said:

    Hej Elisabeth, thank you for your comment. I don’t think that Alanis has a website. My suggestion is to ask someone who is in Buenos Aires to take pictures and than you choose. Good luck! They are also my favorite tango shoes! Greetings from Catania, Bärbel

  3. marina lainati said:

    hi, i ve tried the shoes and they are gorgeous..the problem is that when i came backe the shop was closed and i’m not able to find silvia ( alanis) cos i’m leaving back to italy tomorrow early and the mail i send her always came back to me saying error ! do u know if there is another mail or a telephone number..grazie marina

  4. admin said:

    Try this email: silalanis@hotmail.com. Good luck!

  5. Lioba said:

    Hi all,

    I have been on their web site (Alanistangoshoes.com) mid/end of October this year (2011). There were all models displayed and you could shop online.

    Maybe try it per mail or wait for after Christmas.

  6. Paolo said:

    While the Alanistangoshoes.com does not work anymore?

  7. Bärbel said:

    Dear Paolo, thanks for your comment. Please contact Silvia Alanis directly! Her Facebook profil: Silvia Alanis.
    Good luck! Bärbel