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CONTENTS | Where to find …

Jan 1st, 2018 by Bärbel | Comments Off

Welcome to my new blog series “Where to find …”. I hope I can help you finding what you are looking for!
It’s of course all about Argentine tango: tango clothes for leaders & followers, tango shoes, books, videos, music, places to stay in Buenos Aires and more. Please feel free to suggest some topics and [...]

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Gift Ideas for Tanguer@s

Dec 18th, 2016 by Bärbel | Comments Off

Christmas – Weihnachten – Jul 2016
Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for tango dancers, newbies, or do you wanna treat yourself? These gifts might be exactly what you are looking for in order to create happy faces under the Christmas tree.
Why not give someone a special gift? Or simply treat yourself? I am offering [...]

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Tango CDs for sale

Dec 1st, 2016 by Bärbel | Comments Off

I have recently purchased a lot of Argentine tango CDs in order to update my music library. It turned out that I already had those CDs in my library. You’ll now have the chance to get them for £10 each (+ postage).
Please contact me via email info@tanzbar.dk or meet me in person at my upcoming [...]

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Argentine Tango Music – part 2

Sep 5th, 2016 by Bärbel | Comments Off

How to grow your Argentine tango music collection.
In case you are looking for some Argentine tango music, here are the names of the most popular tango orchestras and some tango CDs to look out for.
In the first part of this blog post series about Argentine tango music we have started with the big five tango [...]

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How to start your Argentine tango music collection – part 1

May 10th, 2016 by Bärbel | Comments Off

How to start your Argentine tango music collection?
In case you are looking for some Argentine tango music, here are the names of the most popular tango orchestras and tango CDs to look out for:

Francisco Canaro
Juan D’Arienzo
Carlos Di Sarli
Osvaldo Pugliese
Anibal Troilo.

If you are just starting your Argentine tango music collection I would like to recommend this [...]

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Tango Music | CD El Tango – pasión y emoción

Mar 1st, 2015 by Bärbel | 4

If you are searching for tango music, here is the solution: 10 CD’s á 21 tracks!
Audio CD (1. Oktober 2007)
Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 10
Format: Box-Set
Label: Membran International Gmbh (New Music Distribution)
Order from AMAZON

Tango: Pasion Y Emocion [Amazon.co.uk]
El Tango-Pasion Y Emocion-Wallet [Amazon.de]

The official tracking has many faults. Specially the CD 5. Áron Ecsedy send 12th August 2009 [...]

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Tango Music | El Bandoneón | Documentary

Jan 13th, 2013 by Bärbel | Comments Off

El Bandoneón
The bandoneón is a type of concertina particularly popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It plays an essential role in the orquesta tipica, the tango orchestra. The bandoneón, called bandonion by its German inventor, Heinrich Band (1821–1860), was originally intended as an instrument for religious music and the popular music of the day, in contrast [...]

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Tango arrangement på Hovedbiblioteket

Jan 4th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off

GRATIS tango arrangement på Hovedbiblioteket i København:
Tangoens historie – Musikalsk fortalt
Tirsdag, 17. Januar 2012
17:00 – 18:00
0 kr.
Kære tango-interesserede
Du er inviteret til Hovedbiblioteket d. 17. januar på kl. 17.00.
Her vil solofløjtenist, Anna Nykvist, og guitarist, Jesper Lützhøft, spille den smukkeste tango musik, der opstod blandt ludere og lommetyve på bordeller og barer i begyndelsen af 1900-tallet. [...]

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Blog “Tanda of the Week” & Dj Bärbel

Dec 15th, 2011 by Bärbel | Comments Off

If you are a tango dancer, tango DJ or you are just interested in argentine tango music, you should definitely follow this blog:
“Tanda of the Week (TOTW)” written by Antti Suniala.
Every week you will find a new tanda of traditional argentine tango. Antti Suniala is a tango DJ himself and he presents his style of [...]

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Tango Music | Erwin Schrott

May 4th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off

Der in Uruguay geborene Erwin Schrott hat mit seinen Mozart-Interpretationen vor allem in der Rolle des Don Giovanni und Figaro internationales Ansehen erlangt. Der attraktive Bassbariton gilt mittlerweile als einer der wichtigsten Opernstars seiner Generation und tritt auf den großen Opernbühnen der Welt und bei den Salzburg Festspielen auf.
“Magnificent”, urteilte die Times, “großartig” die Opera [...]

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