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Visit Buenos Aires | Rooms to rent | Baires | Thomas H.

Aug 5th, 2010 by admin | 0

Tango Argentino | Argentinsk Tango

You are on your way to Buenos Aires and searching for a place to stay. Then you should have a look at Thomas Hansen’s “Baires”.

Visit Buenos Aires - Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen’s Baires

This is not a hostel, nor a hotel, but a private residence, renting out rooms.

The idea is to give you the opportunity to stay in an at-home-like atmosphere at a reasonable price. Here you can meet other travelers, without the place having the “24-hour-bar/movement” environment of a hostel.

Thomas Hansen is the danish owner of the place. He just got to like Buenos Aires quite much, and has decided to settle here, to get to know it thoroughly.

From his first step on Argentine land as a tourist (18-4-2005) until he returned to live here (25-8-2006) only a year and a half went by – so do watch out – you might get caught here too.

Check out his website baires.dk for more information. Information are available in English and Danish.

Contact information Thomas Hansen:

Mobile [DK]: 0045-20255000 (for SMS only!)
Skype: baires.dk
E-Mail: t@baires.dk

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