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Your tango story | TangoBlog

Mar 17th, 2011 by admin | 0

Andanzas Tangueras

This year Carina Mele, an Argentinian tango dancer, sent me following message:

Hello everybody

Some time ago I had the idea of opening a new blog and finally I decided to accomplish my goal. Intend to make a blog grouping stories from all the over the world, in many languages.

The idea is that you send me your own story about your first moment with tango: the original impulse that moved you to learn tango, the first thought you had, to play an instrument, to paint, to play music, to dance, etc.

I always asked myself why and how people come into tango, how they fell in love with it.

I will write my story and I invite you to send me yours to upload in the blog so everybody can read it and share their experience with others.

It´s not necessary to use your real name, you can sign with a nickname, but it will be interesting to tell where are you from.

Don´t feel shy about writing style, it´s not a writer´s competition, it´s just a meeting point to share with words our passion.

I don´t know if a similar blog already exists. My idea, is to create one with people I met in this wonderful tango world

If you want to join me in this experience please send me your “tango love story” by email, I will be waiting!

Thanks a lot!


PS: You can write the story in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, etc, etc, etc. Any language is welcome!

If you got inspired and want to write you own tango story, here is the email address to send it to Carina Mele: carinamele@yahoo.com.ar

Here is my tango story – Bärbel Rücker:

“This is why I started to dance tango”

In 1997, one of my fellow students from the University of Bonn, who was dancing a bit of Tango, asked me and another friend if we wanted to see The Tango Lesson. I didn’t know anything about the film, which was directed by and starred Sally Potter. It turned out to be an autobiographical dramatization of Sally Potter’s first experience with Tango. After seeing a Tango performance in Paris, she becomes impassioned with the desire to learn how to dance Tango. Needless to say, she also becomes impassioned with the performer, Pablo Verón, who plays himself. She travels to Buenos Aires and immerses herself into learning the Tango. I saw the film and got really hooked by the story, which was incidentally, divided into chapters called, “The First Lesson,” “The Second Lesson,” “The Third Lesson,” etc. Her way of learning-by-just-doing really grabbed me. This was also my way of doing things—focus and go deep. Two days after I saw the film, I attended a Milonga in Bonn. After the intro class, the local Argentine Tango teacher asked me, a total beginner, for a dance—at my first Milonga, ever! Knowing nearly nothing, I had my first Tango dance experience. Or rather, MY “first lesson.” I was sure then and there that I needed to learn this dance.
Bärbel Rücker

Here is the blog “Andanzas Tangueras” itself: http://andanzastangueras.blogspot.com/.

Argentine Tango Teacher & DJ Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar
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