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DJ Bärbel | World of Tango Festival 2011 | Tampere

Jul 18th, 2011 by Bärbel | 0

World of Tango Festival 2011 | Tampere

ARGENTINE TANGO WORKSHOPS (intermediate level)

Workshops by Bärbel Rücker / Tanzbar (DK)

11.30-13.00 “Active Dialogue – You, Me, and the Music”
This is a class for exploring elements of Tango and how to combine them to create a living language between the dancers and the music. How can the dancer influence the dance? How active can a follower be? How does the music influence the dance? Does the music help the dancer while dancing? How can the dancer associate the movements with the music?

13.15-14.45 “Musicality – Dance to Osvaldo Pugliese & Carlos Di Sarli”
The leader of this workshop will be none other but the music itself. We will focus on a two specific orchestras, dealing with their distinctive qualities, providing the dancer with a better understanding of Tango music and enabling them to adapt their movements to it at the same time.

SUNDAY 18.9.
Workshops by Arto Leskinen & Kirsi Mattsson (Helsinki)

11.30-13.00 “Tango Salon: Giros in closed connection”
13.15-14.45 “Tango Salon: Shared axis turns”

Dance Center Tanssiseura Spiral (Rautatienkatu 21)
Close to the railway station, check http://www.tanssiseuraspiral.fi/images/tkl_pysakit_iso.jpg

15 euros/ lesson/ person (+ additional membership fee of Tango aMoroso association, 10 euros/year 2011)

by the 14th of September, the lessons will take place if there are enough registrations!

For registration, please send email at info@tangoamoroso.fi and include the following information:

  • which lessons you want to participate
  • your partner’s name (if you have a partner)
  • cell phone number
  • are you already a member of either Tango

aMoroson or Amigos del Tango
If you register without a partner, we first need to find you a partner before confirming your registration.

Tango aMoroso in co-operation with Amigos del Tango, Dance Association Spiral and the World of Tango Festival.

You can find more information about the World of Tango Festival 2011 on following websites:

Official website: World of Tango Festival 2011

FB Group: World of Tango Festival/ Maailmantango -festivaali Tampere Finland

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